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Redirects / https

Redirects / https

Hi, I've been running our site on https after reading about Google favouring websites that run on this protocol, so far I haven't seen any benefit  . 


Anyway I've recently noticed that non of my redirects are working anymore and it seems as if the https:// redirect is overrulling any other redirects for pages. I just wanted to know if my configuration is incorrect and if so how to get this fixed.


For example please see redirect below; 


This should redirect from 

/gloves/vinyl-gloves.html to


however it just redirects to the homepage on the secure protocol.


I've also captured a image of the https settings below;

Hope someone can help, thanks again. 


Regards p4rma


Re: Redirects / https

How are you setting up the redirect? With the .htaccess file? 


Since your Unsecure URL is already set to HTTPS, I do not see why you need to create a redirect?