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Create product for back end use only that allows admin to select prices from drop down

Create product for back end use only that allows admin to select prices from drop down

I'm wondering if there is a way to create a product that can be used to charge customers for re-shipments. Example: Customer's package returned to sender (us.) We want to charge them to reship it with a corrected address. Once and a while someone will enter in a bad address. My customer service reps could create a new order in the back end and select a product called "Reshipment Fee." This product would prompt admin to select from two preset amounts $6.99 and $10 or select other and then manually type in a price.


This functionality exists for gift cards. I really want it to work like attached "prices-option.JPG," where the gift card fields wouldn't appear. Gift card functionality would kick in either.




I can then use the drop down shown in attachment "prices-option-dropdown.JPG " to pick an option. Prices are fixed amounts and other amount shown. Selecting other would allow a price to be entered in.




Now when editing a gift card product you can set these price options as show in "price-fileds.JPG." I'd want to do something similar for this shipping product by entering in static rates.



Magento has this functionality for gift cards that mimics the behavior I'm looking for, however I only want to use the pricing functionality. I just want to create an order that charges them an X dollar fee. I'm only referencing gift cards because they used this pricing behavior.


Is there a way to accomplish what I'm looking to do out of the box or would this require a 3rd party extension? If 3rd party can anyone recommend one?