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Discount Price Rules - multi buy % discount

Discount Price Rules - multi buy % discount

Good day, everyone!


My developer has drawn a blank on how to overcome this one, so I thought I'd open it to the forum and see what you assorted Genii can come up with...


I'm selling greeting cards. I want to offer a discount based on 'Buy 4 for £10' when they're usually £3 each. This scales up, with baskets of 8, 12 etc etc. BUT some cards are in 2 DIFFERENT categories and from what I've been reading, this might cause issues?


Fingers crossed you can help!


Gary H


Re: Discount Price Rules - multi buy % discount

Hi @Gary_H,


Did you try setting up this rule? If so, what were the results & were you able to find a work around?


If not send over details or a screenshot of what you have and I will try to help Smiley Happy 

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