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Forgot which email


Forgot which email

Hello guys. So I took over the long forgotten company website from a colleague that has been long gone. Now no one in the company know the admin username and password. The worst part is, no one know what email address is it link with so I can't even reset password. Is there any method to gain that information somewhere? 

Thank you very much for any advise or feedback.


Re: Forgot which email

Hi @jacob_garcia1 


That's Bad you have forgotten the email as well but don't worry we can create a new user for it. for that you have to create new admin user from database directly which is not recommend way but as i can see we don't have any way to solve your issue so just follow below approach hope it will help you.

first of all login to your database(phpmyadmin) just in case if you don't have it's info then you can check all Database related details in app/etc/local.xml.


once you logged in then you need to select your database and then click on SQL Tab where you will run below query:

LOCK TABLES `admin_role` WRITE , `admin_user` WRITE;
SET @SALT = "ls";
SET @PASS = CONCAT(MD5(CONCAT( @SALT , "adminpassword") ), CONCAT(":", @SALT ));
SELECT @EXTRA := MAX(extra) FROM admin_user WHERE extra IS NOT NULL;
INSERT INTO `admin_user` (firstname,lastname,email,username,password,created,lognum,reload_acl_flag,is_active,extra,rp_token_created_at)
VALUES ('AdminFirstname','AdminLastname','','adminusername',@PASS,NOW(),0,0,1,@EXTRA,NOW());
INSERT INTO `admin_role` (parent_id,tree_level,sort_order,role_type,user_id,role_name) 
VALUES (1,2,0,'U',(SELECT user_id FROM admin_user WHERE username = 'adminusername'),'AdminFirstname');

fill in your information here then run this query it will create a new admin user for you remove all cache from your folder restart your server,remove cookie form your browser and login with new credential which you created.
For more info you can follow How to create new Admin user to Magento via PHPmyadmin or MySQL command this blog.Hope it will resolve your issue.

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Shubham Khandelwal 


Re: Forgot which email

@jacob_garcia1  If you have access to database then why now look into the "admin_user" table for all the user and their email addresses. If you have access to any of the email then use forget password using any of those email. If you do not have access to any of those email just update your email address in the database to one of the active admin and do reset password form frontend.


You can run the sql as well as suggested in other solution. Whichever you feel comfortable.

- Tarandeep
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