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How do I reinstate a deleted user?

How do I reinstate a deleted user?

We've had a member of staff leave us, and I've deleted her account in Magento. Now we no longer receive emails from our Contact Us page, and the page is coming up with the error message 'Unable to submit your request. Please, try again later'. I was wondering if there is any way to reinstate her user, and effectively roll back to previous settings as I believe this may be the root cause of the problem.


I'm new to Magento so this might not in fact be what's causing the problem. Any help would be awesome. Thanks. 


Re: How do I reinstate a deleted user?

Hi @TomHumphrey,


First you should check your Magento's logs (also the webserver error log).

Second, you can check the Contact Us configuration to change the recipient of those emails. You'll find the options at System -> Configuration -> General -> Contacts


Contacts configurationContacts configuration