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What access do I give a new develop?

What access do I give a new develop?


New to the group so I apologize if this is simple / easy and has already been covered.   I found a certified developer on here to fix some quirks in the platform and I am going to need to give him access to the site. 

How do I do that?  How much access does he need to make changes?


Re: What access do I give a new develop?

Hi @jlgilbertky2018,


I guess you won't find the absolute answer to that question.

I'll share some ideas/scenarios:


  • It will be nice if you use a DEV/TEST environment. In that way you won't need to provide full access to developers.
  • If your developer will need to change things on LIVE store you should provide access with the right level of permissions.
  • When you work with external devs/providers you should use an NDA (becasue we as developers can access to customers history and data on LIVE stores)


(my 2 cents)