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How to customize the "Featured Products" slider

How to customize the "Featured Products" slider

Hi all,


I have searched the forum for similar issues, but could not find any that are like my problem. I inherited a website from someone else that had set it up (and would not answer my questions).


Apparently, he had set up the featured products slider, and in the beginning, there were several products showing up in the slider on the home page. However, since a few days, there are only two products being displayed. Under the "Magentothem" tab > "Featured Products Slider" > "Configuration", the slider option was set to "Enable: no". I changed it to "yes", but the programmer before me must have implemented the slider somewhere else.


I cannot find where to edit which products should feature in the slider. For example, when adding a new product, there is no option on the left nav menu that would ask "add to featured products slider".


Please help.