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How to get FTP data through admin panel


How to get FTP data through admin panel

Hi, my parents have/use a Magento v1.9.3 for their business. The store is hosted and administrated by an external company, which became more and more unresponsive and charges more administration fees as justified, so they would like to find another company. But switchting to another contractor might give the old one a chance to make some extra cash to make it intentionally difficult to switch, so I would like to make a backup of the shop on my own, since I am a (non-web) developer myself. I have access to the admin panel, and since the external company hosts the FTP and database data, I am wondering if I can somehow get the credentials by using the admin panel, so I don't need to reach out to them. Disclaimer:, Domain and shop content belong to 100% to my parents.


Any help is highly appreciated!

Cheers, Daniel


Re: How to get FTP data through admin panel

Hello @dmalendezge304 


You will get the FTP and database details from the hosting panel and Cpanel.


I hope it helps.

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