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Low Stock Notification for Admin

Low Stock Notification for Admin



This is my first time on here having just registered.  I'm completely new to Magento.  I'm looking to implement a low stock notification email when the company sell a product and it is down to the last 5 items, for example.  Is there a way of doing this in the back end without using an extension/add on.


I am using Magento ver.


Apologies if asked before, I could only find similar questions with regards to Magento version 2








Re: Low Stock Notification for Admin

Hello @nick_alexander1,

Magento provides RSS feed for low inventory alerts. Lets us discuss how to subscribe to the feed.

First we need to set up the inventory level of a product at which it will be considered as low stock and also check screenshot.

  1. Login to admin and navigate to System >> Configuration
  2. Catalog tab and click the Inventory section to open it. Now expand the Product Stock Options section.
  3. Set Manage Stock as Yes and add a value for Notify for Quantity Below, save the configuration. Note that you do not set Notify for Quantity Below as 0 as it disables the RSS feed.


How to subscribe to low inventory alerts RSS feed?

  1. In the Magento admin navigate to Catalog >> Manage Products
  2. At the top of the product listing grid next to the pagination toolbar there is a link Notify Low Stock RSS,click it.
  3. A pop up appears asking for username and password, enter you admin login credentials.
  4. On successful authentication you are redirected to a RSS feed page. Add this page link to your favorite RSS reader.

Thank you.

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Re: Low Stock Notification for Admin

The admin credentials don't work on the http authentication