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Product Sales report


Product Sales report

Hello I've been asked to do a products ordered report using CE 1.7 with product SKU

Reports>Products>Products ordered

The site uses simple products with an SKU and then Custom Options using an SKU after adding this bit of code to the report.

$this->addColumn('sku', array(
'header' => Mage::helper('reports')->__('Product Sku'),
'index' =>'sku'


It pulls the product SKU in to the report but NOT the Custom Option SKU?


I can see in the sales_flat_order_item  table there is the correct SKU SGWCOPEB-14X20 how do I get the correct SKU to pull through on to the report?

the product SKU's are setup as follows

Product Level SKU: SGWCOPEB

Custom Option level SKU:  14x20

sales_flat_order_item SGWCOPEB-14X20 


the reason for it setup this way, is because of the SagePage plugin sends the following

(productSKU-CustomOptionSKU) to Sagepay,  then is pulled in to Sage correctly against our SKU's setup 


Any help welcome








Re: Product Sales report

The best solution is to create an extension for this functionality or just use mine

Magento 1.x Simple Products Report Extension