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Multi Site CSS and JS Not Merging


Multi Site CSS and JS Not Merging

I'm working on a site that has 2 stores on one Magento installation.

I've enabled merge css and js in system > configuration > developer

On the default site the merge is working fine.

On the second site the files are not merging. Is this because the second site is set up using the sub-domain method and has a symlink to the main "media" and "skin" folders?

Do I need to remove the symlink to media so the site has it's own media/css and media/js  folders?

What will happen to the rest of the site images (products, etc.) if I remove the symlink? Would they still load on the second site?


Re: Multi Site CSS and JS Not Merging

I flushed the cache storage and it started working. Previously I was clicking "flush magento cache"