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NOT shared shopping cart possible for different stores?

NOT shared shopping cart possible for different stores?

Hi all,

I have a problem i am hoping somebody can help me with.

I would like to configure my shopping cart on store level. To save on costs and to have maximum interaction on one website (because google likes this) i want different product categories (often from different supplyers) to show in different stores. All in one domain. The idea to the user is that every store is a different shop. Every store wil have its own logo with the main-brand with it.

Now i find that the shopping cart is shared for the whole website, while i want to configure this on store-level. This is because i will often have to pay different supplyers the shipping costs(if products are bought from different stores, from different supplyers) while i can only count shipping costs one time to the customer. Some product categories CAN have shared shopping cart, while others cannot.

I know i can set up subdomains per product category to fix this, but multiple subdomains will increase my costs exponentially, since i pay for different services per (sub)domain.

Can somebody help me or give me good advice?

Thanx a lot!

Kind regards
Bas van de Plas