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Only Show Group Price

Only Show Group Price

Hi, I'm probably missing an obvious setting here, but I believe my problem is simple! (I'm using RWD template).


I have clients with a number of customers who have their own price sets.  I use an extension where prices are HIDDEN from guest users and only visible to logged in users.  Some customers have their own price set, different to the standard 'Price'.  I have set them up as 'Groups' and Added Group Prices on products for each Group.


The group price shows to the logged in user on the front end but show the 'standard' price crossed out AND the group price.


What my client wants is when the customer is logged in to see ONLY the group price if they have a group price set and the standard price if they don't?  i.e hide the standard price where there is a group price available.


Help please!!!!