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Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

I am very new to this community, so let me know if I this is not the right place to ask this question.
In my case, we have 2 running websites operate in Europe (accepting C.C.; MC and VISA in EURO currency). Currently, the complete payment solutions is provided by Chase in U.S. but no longer supported soon.
For this reason, we need to replace the existing payment solutions with another (whether a platform plugin, highly customizations method programmed with API, a hosted page, redirect Payment Gateway or Paypal etc)
We are still running old Magento (Community Edition 1.7.x), I know not everyone familiar with the old Magento platform, but I need to handle all VAT with the IOSS Scheme recently introduced , more importantly, I need to convert the EURO into USD and deposit to HK/US bank. 
Does anyone have a recommendation?
Thank you in advanced.

Re: Payment Gateway

Hello @e3creation,


You need new alternate payment method for your magento store? Please approach here Payment Gateway Integration 

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Re: Payment Gateway





Hope you doing well,


You need to try Elsner's Paytrace payment gateway


This is the perfect for your solution.