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Size Chart Prolem

Size Chart Prolem

I have this 'size chart' on every page for a product we sell. Where can I remove this, we do have an extension, and are using a a 'Fashsion MegaStore' frontend. I just simply want to turn off the the 'size chart'. It isn't under any attributes?


Thanks Seb


Re: Size Chart Prolem

Hello @seburbansu9fb0 


This feature is not given by Magento as default please lt me know which extension do you use.


altho, you can disable the extension so the size chare will remove.


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Re: Size Chart Prolem

If you are experiencing issues with the size chart in Magento, here are a few tips to help you fix the problem:

Check the Size Chart Table: Make sure the size chart table has been properly configured in Magento. Verify that the table is correctly set up with accurate size information, such as measurements and sizes.

Check the Product Attribute Settings: Ensure that the product attribute settings for the size chart are correctly set up in Magento. This includes the attribute type, input type, and attribute set.

Verify the Theme Compatibility: Check if your Magento theme is compatible with the size chart extension you are using. Some themes may have a different layout or structure, which can affect the size chart display.



Rachel Gomez