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Spam signups

Spam signups

Hi I would like to delete spam signups based on the data in the name field.  I can delete them based on the email field using SQL but a lot of spammer but http in the name field.   I can't do it in the admin section because there are over 40000 of these accounts.  I would prefer to do it via sql or possibly php script.  Any suggestions?


Re: Spam signups



Try below query running:

DELETE FROM `customer_entity` WHERE email like "";

Suggesting few articles to read as well:  

Manish Mittal

Re: Spam signups

Hello @tonycanada16f1 ,



Most of the spambots will be filtered out by activating Magento’s built-in captcha for the registration form. So it's better to use the captcha.

It can be easily activated in administration under Settings->Customer->Customer Configuration->CAPTCHA. there are several options, as well as forms to be activated on.

you can check the following guide


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