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Store Address Change on PDF Invoice

Store Address Change on PDF Invoice

Hi all,


I must be missing something simple here, but can't figure it out.  I changed the address of my store, however the pdf invoices still have the old address on them.  Where do I need to change this?  Any help is appreciated.




Re: Store Address Change on PDF Invoice

hmmm.....perhaps this is not as simple as it seems it should be?  I will keep looking into it and if I figure it out, I will post here in case anyone else runs into this issue as well.

Re: Store Address Change on PDF Invoice

Any luck in figuring this out? I have the same issue. Luckily I only use the invoices internally, but it would be nice if they were correct.

Re: Store Address Change on PDF Invoice

To all, I played around a little bit and got it to work. Here is how is it done:

1. Login to the Magento admin

2. go to System > Configuration

3. On the left vertical menu, under "SALES" select "Sales"

4. On the Right, you'll see "Sales" panel and a bunch of tabs:

    "General", "Checkout Totals Sort Order", Reorder","Invoice and Packing Slip Design", Minimum Order Amoutn", etc...

5. Click on "Invoice and Packing Slip Design"

6. Update the text box labeled "Address" with the address you want on the invoice. Ffor example:

         Lara Exclusively Italian
         38 James St, Englewood
         New Jersey, 07631, USA
         Tel: (207)252-9054

         < My Shamless Publicity>

7. Click on the "Save Config" button on the Top Right

8. You'll see a green box message stating "The configuration has been saved."

9. Go back to the main menu Sales > Invoice page

10. Click on View on one of your invoices

11. Click on the Print button

12. View your PDF invoice


Your new address should now be on the invoice.



Quoc-Thanh Ton-That