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Table rate's don't appear in other stores

Table rate's don't appear in other stores

Hi guys,


I am having a weird trouble wiht


I have imported local tablet rates to MAIN config and it works great on but when I use a different language store, the paid shipping option does not even appear and only includes free shipping module.


Any ideas? If i switch to default engish store, and select that other country, the paid shipping method is here and correctly calculated. This happens with all stores in other languages, de, fr, etc


Re: Table rate's don't appear in other stores

Here's how to appy table rates, and any other shipping method to a specific store view:

From the Shipping Methods configuration page, set Current Configuration Scope in the upper-left corner to the view where the configuration applies.

If the configuration is for a different language, clear the checkbox after each field, and enter the translated text. To learn more about configuration scope, see this topic in the user guide: