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Taking over Magento site from developer

Taking over Magento site from developer



I am not sure if this is the right place to post this question and hopefully someone can help me. I have no idea how to use Magento so I decided to hire a team of developers to make me an ecommerce site. Now that it is somewhat completed (not yet live) I would like for them to hand over the entire site to me but they keep stalling. Am I wrong in asking this, or perhaps phrasing it in the wrong way to them? The admin panel still has all their account information. Does the site need to be live for me to take over full control?


Also, because I am just a start up I feel I have made a huge error going with Magento. Would you advice switching to something less technical like Shopify?


Any help would be very much appreciated!






Re: Taking over Magento site from developer


If you're not a comfortable programmer then I would not recommend trying to take over a Magento store that is / is going to be live. If you are a programmer but don't have Magento experience; then you should be able to acomplish most things that you need given the wealth of information out there.


If you are referring to just running the site from a 'shop owner' perspective; then that should be fine.


As for making a huge mistake; Magento is the perfect platform to run an ecommerce store; it is very heavy and there is a learning curve to endure when beginning to use it.. and the amount of plugins / extensions out there should mean your site wil remain future proof.

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Re: Taking over Magento site from developer

To be perfectly honest, Magento was an incorrect option if you do not have a developer on-site. I would suggest Prestashop, it is also free, as it is easy enough to use that you can even competly setip up and modify the templates.