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Tax calculated backwards?

Tax calculated backwards?

Hi everybody,


We're having a weird problem with our Magento store (1.9.3). Prices are excluding tax, but in cart and checkout grand total should be including VAT. But, what it's doing now, is it's substracting the VAT amount from the subtotal which is already excluding VAT. Can somebody help me? I've already edited the config.xml file, since I'm using PHP7.1, but that didn't work (add msrp part).


Can anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks!


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Re: Tax calculated backwards?

Hi @claudia_mvh 


Did you recently upgrade to Php7?
What are the changes which you did in the config.xml file?

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Re: Tax calculated backwards?

I just put back PHP5.6 and tax is working again. I would like to use PHP7.1. Is it easy to patch or something, or what should I edit? I restored config.xml too. I edited first like below screenshot: