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URL rewrite problem

URL rewrite problem

My web host moved my hosting and Ive just realised that most of my urls have /default/ in the title which has caused major problems to my google ranking, is there an easy way to get it back?


For instance:

should be:


Can anyone advise?


Thank you


Re: URL rewrite problem

How you implemented the url redirection on your previous hosting.

Were you using .htaccess file in magento root or you created using admin feature?

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Re: URL rewrite problem

The problem come from hosting settings. Just ask your hosting provider to fix it. I believe it is not something you have to do in magento code or .htaccess.

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Re: URL rewrite problem

Hi, my web host said its not something they have done, but I had someone else trying to fix another problem at the same time so I dont know who did what. My hst just said contact my web developer to fix it. Im with Blacknight, what hosting settings could it be?


Basically I locked myself out of the admin setting the secure settings so I think they would have had to change something in the files.