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adding a coupon code

adding a coupon code

Hello Support,


I am trying to make a coupon code in magento 1 backoffice for my website

I applied all the steps from the guide, but it's not working so far..


I would like this code: SFG2018 applied to only the products 3, 5 and 7 days detox. The code gives 15% discount on only these products.


Can you assist me further?


Thank you and regards,

Jojanneke Leistra


Re: adding a coupon code



Plaats eens een screenshot van je instellingen m.b.t. de winkelwagen prijsregel.

Re: adding a coupon code



Re: adding a coupon code

Dank voor het reageren!

Re: adding a coupon code

Hi @jmleistra,


Are you getting any error while doing this or applying the code? If so, please share that as well.

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Re: adding a coupon code

The settings in your screenshots seem fine.


But I notice a few things:

- From date is 1/1/2018 and To Date is 1/31/2018. I think you want the coupon code to be active in January 2018. But you tested the coupon code on 12-18-2017. The coupon code was not active when you tested it.


- You can remove all the conditions and test the coupon code again to see if it works. Then add again the conditions. It will help you to see if there's an error in the conditions.


- You can also increase uses per coupon and uses per customer for testing purposes


Best regards


Maxime Coudreuse, developer of Product Manager for Magento: User-friendly product editor with customizable grid interface and category tree for Magento 1 and 2