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view the shop without login

view the shop without login

Hello everyone,

I am new at Magento, and i need to allow everyone to see the shop, for now the user is asked to create a new user or to login.


How do i do that ?

Magento ver.
Kind Regards,


Re: view the shop without login

Hi @agakure (Joe)


Looking at the website link - you have shared - yes without login guest user will be redirecting on the login screen !


But this is done by any custom/third-party module as by default there is no option to do that - so you need to check which module is putting this restrictions into your website and disable that module - so you customer can able to access the shop page without login 


Hope it helps


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Re: view the shop without login

Try to disable all 3rd party modules instaled to your magento 1-by-1 and check when the store behavior will be fine. That's not default magento problem.

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Re: view the shop without login



Please check your htaccess if there any rule created to redirect to login or they override catalog module and redirecting to the login page if user not logged in.


Check code in App/code/community or app/code/local, where they override catalog module you have to find that and remove that redirection it will work as per you.

Manish Mittal