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Best Host for Magento 1.9??

Best Host for Magento 1.9??

Hello all,


I have a new US magento store that my business partner and I need to launch within a week. We are not technical at all, but I've been doing a lot of research on best providers. I was leaning towards liquid web, but after I read some posts on here I don't even see it mentioned and I've read about the reviews online being disingenuous. 


On average, we'll have around 60 products in our store at any given time. We're accepting product reviews -- photos and vidoes that are streamed on youtube. Our developers recommended we get 4 GB 10 GB space will 10 GB space. and a VPS server. We're looking for a provider with at least 100% uptime, unlimited bandwidth, fully managed, fast download speeds, 24/7 customer support and fast response time, daily backups and site restore, SSL encryption, PCI compliant with security tools in place. We also need free migration to the server and would prefer a provider with experience with Magento.

We did look into rackspace, but we were quoted $500 a month. We wanted to stick to around $150. We're a brand new small business with no sales, so that's not even possible at this point. Would love any assistance you can give. 

Re: Best Host for Magento 1.9??

Hi @Ediese,



I recommend you to take a look at

They are a Magento Platinum Hosting Partner, and given that you described that you don't have programming experience, it's good to mention that they provide the server optimized for Magento and with Magento Community 1.9 already installed.



Best regards.


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Re: Best Host for Magento 1.9??

If you are not very technical I would recommend going with a provider that knows Magento and offers managed services so you don't have to care about the server administration. You should be able to find a good host well within your budget. Check some independent review sites (avoid the "top-10" lists), ask some pre-sale questions and if possible ask for a trial or demo. Good luck!

Sindre M, CEO & Founder - The Magento Hosting Experts

Re: Best Host for Magento 1.9??

Your budget is very reasonable what you are looking for. 


As you are not technical at all, a provider who is familiar with Magento is definitely recommended. 


Do you have a web developer or did you develop the website yourself? 

Re: Best Host for Magento 1.9??

given your specs the top budget for you is shared hosting/vps server from $25 to $80 max...


MagenX - Magento and Server optimization

Re: Best Host for Magento 1.9??

Both Aspiration Hosting and ProperHost offer LiteMage as part of their core offering to Magento customers.  Using LiteMage greatly reduces the amount of hardware required vs. other caching solutions.  Talk to both to see if either meets your needs?

Steven Antonucci
LiteSpeed Technologies

Re: Best Host for Magento 1.9??

It's not that simple, you have tangible and intangible. All hosts can provide tangible benefits based on pricing, but it's the intangibles that help drive the revenue. For example Nexcess on certain plans host much higher grade sites than smaller or mass market hosts, that helps areas such as ranking.


It's not all about the performance, under 1s and you lose conversions. Once you go to a host it's not that simple to move, so who do you choose. Rackspace is good if you need fall back support, but you're paying for a service that 95% of the time you will not need, basically Rackspace is a business host. The performance hosts are technical based and if you have business issues you will generally not get any support, such as why an extension is not a good idea or not working correctly.


There are very few that can do both, as most of these are 'enterprise' grade who can balance technology with business, choose which side you want to be on, however with your budget you're looking at the technology hosts. Nexcess is as close as you will get to balanced outside of the services we use, which is an exact balance. The problem is the closer you get to balanced the more you will have to adjust your business model to suit the hosting, as they know better than you how to achieve the results.

Re: Best Host for Magento 1.9??

When choosing the Magento Hosting to start business, I always try to find out which company offers customer the most value. In my opinion, there are 4 things that make up a best host: Hosting performance, Magento specialized tool, Support, Pricing.

You can consider SiteGround, Arvixe, Nexcess, Bluehost and Hostgator.

Re: Best Host for Magento 1.9??

Hello, with your budget and hardware requirement, I think you can consider using CloudVPS, its much cheaper than dedicated server but you still have nearly full access to your server for setting up Magento stuff. Take a look at Siteground cloud vps and Nexcess cloud vps, their support are good at Magento. << Snipped >>


Re: Best Host for Magento 1.9??

is Magento docker ready? can I use docker to deploy Magento 1.9? 


alternatively, can I use Heroku?

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