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Best Host for Magento 1.9??

Re: Best Host for Magento 1.9??

@Hadifarnoud wrote:

is Magento docker ready? can I use docker to deploy Magento 1.9? 


alternatively, can I use Heroku?

Yes, Magento should work with both Docker and Heroku. 


There are quite a few resources in Google for the images and documentations to set it up. 

Re: Best Host for Magento 1.9??

best option would be High Memory droplets on Digitalocean imho

فروشگاه آنلاین
فروشگاه ساز کاموا سرویسی هست که میتوانید بدون نیاز به استخدام طراح، فروشگاه خود را بسازید

Re: Best Host for Magento 1.9??

I recomndate  you to use rackspace  .  Rackspace Inc. is a managed cloud computing company based in  USA, they are magento platinum hosting partner and their customer support is best ever i receive in my 5 yr of ecommerce experiance. they provide chat and 24*7 call support. i have my many magento web store hosted on Rackspace << Snipped>>.
they are little costly but best in service.



Re: Best Host for Magento 1.9??



I recommended we are already using it. The best support system. Whatever you need they will do that for you. Even their respond time is pretty low. 

They are Magento partner As well.


Try once

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Re: Best Host for Magento 1.9??

$500 is too much just for 4GbRam/10GB space. You have better options. Nexcess has $75 for same server size, but it is not VPS. Cloudways has similar pricing for their VPS packages. You can easily find a hosting for $100 or under that. Rackspace has quoted you a really high price. What are they exactly offering in that package other than server size?

Re: Best Host for Magento 1.9??

I am currently performing tests with Aspiration Hosting (I have no affiliation with them) and I must say I am very impressed so far with their Plus Cloud Hosting package. It comes standard with 2 Core CPU, 2GB, 10MB/s disk I/O, LiteMage FPC, and CDN! The gain in performance has been huge, even though I am coming from another so-called "Magento Optimized" hosting company which does not even run LiteSpeed. I must say that Aspiration Hosting customer service is also top of the line: they even provide help from their Web Development department in order to assist you when you have issues.


It's a bit early to comment on availability/reliability, but what other company provides all this for USD $25.00 / month?

Re: Best Host for Magento 1.9??

Here i wish to explain things a little.

there could be 1000s of hosting provider who may provide you hosting for installing and running magento but you need to take care of latency factor too, if your users and clients are based is US, consider having a magento hosting from USA based data-center like you may ask godaddy for this but now as it is the fact that online shopping is being processed through out the world so countries like Pakistan i will recomend WinsHosting who is renowned due to their most convenient php hosting for installing any open source script quite smoothly.


You can find their all hosting plans here: Magento Hosting provider in Pakistan

Re: Best Host for Magento 1.9??

Hi Ediese,

Based on your budget and size, I would recommend one of the smaller all-in Magento hosts like Nexcess. If you don't have any technical folks on your teams that understand Infrastructure, there are other aspects to consider as you grow. Cloud hosting with AWS/Google and a strong partner there like Webscale can make your life easier. The spend is also a bit more but it eliminates tech spend and helps with site performance, fine tuning and checkout success. 


Re: Best Host for Magento 1.9??

Nexcess is cool. thanks for recommending it

فروشگاه آنلاین
فروشگاه ساز کاموا سرویسی هست که میتوانید بدون نیاز به استخدام طراح، فروشگاه خود را بسازید

Re: Best Host for Magento 1.9??

When it comes to choosing a hosting provider for Magento 1.9, there are several options you can consider. While Liquid Web is a reputable hosting provider, it's always a good idea to explore different options and compare their features and pricing.


I recommend considering Devrims managed Magento hosting service for your website. They provide reliable, fast, and secure performance, all at a competitive price. Furthermore, they offer 24/7 support to assist you with any queries or issues you may encounter.



Before making a decision, it's advisable to check the specific requirements and recommendations of your Magento developer to ensure compatibility with the hosting provider. Additionally, consider factors like server location (choose a server close to your target audience), scalability options, and pricing structures. You can compare the features and pricing of these providers to find the best fit for your needs and budget.