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Issues with Reindexing

Issues with Reindexing

I've client who have more than 200,000 products on his store. He is using Magento Community 1.9.x. Mostly these products are a combination of simple/configurable products. When I do reindexing from System > Index Management, it always times out due to server settings.


I found a way to reindex via SSH using the command:


php -f shell/indexer.php reindexall


It takes 5-6 hours to reindex whole website. The website is on a shared server so I think, it might be the server that's causing the issue.


Can anyone recommend any high end server configurations that can help to resolve this or any other recommendations are also welcomed! I need to make reindexing fast within an hour so that it doesn't lockout the database from making other changes.




Re: Issues with Reindexing

Do you know what sort of limits are currently applicable to the shared hosting plan?

How much is your client willing to spend for this?

Re: Issues with Reindexing

Hello @rutulrocks,


I have personally experienced of this server which is good for big inventory log and high traffic on it. Also, Server can provide you information on any process which takes high resources of server which is good for any big project. Please check it


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