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Magento high CPU useage

Re: Magento high CPU useage

The most common reasons of increased load

   1. Slow loading web pages - the slower the page is loaded, the slower system work
   2. Insufficient amount of RAM makes a system use the hard disk (so called “swapping”) which operates much slower than RAM
   3. Running slow processes via cron
   4. Resource consumption of third-party applications

To reduce CPU load I recommend you to optimize your Magento website.

To monitor CPU load right from Magento panel I recommend using Performance Monitoring extension by PotatoCommerce.

   ✔ Track the CPU load and RAM usage in Magento Admin Panel
   ✔ Helps to identify the causes of high server load
   ✔ View CPU and memory load history
   ✔ Check top web transactions
   ✔ Email Alerts
   ✔ Identify weak hardware

Re: Magento high CPU useage

I've hosted my Magento store on Linode. Since their last update around 17th Aug 18, my CPU utilization is constantly on hike. Before that it was at around 25% since I installed it some months before. It then gradually increased (within a span of around 15 days) and is now constantly beyond 100%. I have just around 10 products and 3 orders. I'm using Apache/Maria Db.


I think it is some hardware related issue as my development server on Linode is also at same CPU utilization, though it has almost 0 load. Still searching for the some resolution...