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Multi Domain Speed Issues

Multi Domain Speed Issues

Hi everyone,


So I have a multi-domain installation on 1.9.1. My first domain runs just fine (1-3 seconds), but my 2nd domain is very slow. My 2nd domain uses a CDN, uses js/html/css min, merged js/css, magento cache, memcached, & google pagespeed....and it still takes 8-10 seconds to load a page. 


Some people have said it could be a database issue, but if that were the case, then how come the first site (root) doesn't have any speed issues? 


The 2nd domain (slow one in question) uses symlinks for app, includes, js, lib, media, skin & var (all with permissions of 0777), just like all of the guides tell me. I also have the index.php file setup with the correct store name at the bottom, and I'm using the same .htaccess in both the root folder and the folder for the 2nd domain. 


Here's the specs on my virtual server:

4 x 3.0GHz CPU cores, CentOS, 4GB RAM, 80GB SSD


I've ran all of the speed tests and they all give me great/high scores, except there's a 7-9sec TTFB from the html document.


Anyone have any idea what's going on?




Re: Multi Domain Speed Issues

Got this resolved finally. We discovered that there was a sleep command in the index.php of the 2nd domain, no idea who put it there, but it was set to sleep(5).