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Performance of the website is quite slow

Performance of the website is quite slow



I have been working on website

The initial loading time is very slow. I did the network analysis 


Waiting (TTFB). The browser is waiting for the first byte of a response. TTFB stands for Time To First Byte. This timing includes 1 round trip of latency and the time the server took to prepare the response.


The Waiting time is very slow it is around 40 sec.

The server configuration is quite good. It is a 4GB dedicated server


When i created a simple html test file it gave me very quick response. 


Can anyone help in this regard ?


Re: Performance of the website is quite slow

Hi Gary 


You can use to understand actual reason by you site performance is low.


We just performed performance optimization task of our website . We performed series action as mentioned below to improve the store performance. 


Step 1: Enable Flat Categories and Products
Step 2: Merge CSS and JS Files
Step 3: Content Delivery Network
Step 4: Caching
Step 5: Image Optimization
Step 6: Reduce Server Response Time


Finally at last find out code where its taking more time for execution and optimize it


I am sure performing this action will improve your store performance exceptionally. 


As your site is M1 I would also suggest you consider your store migrate to Magento 2 now as M1 is going to die in 2020. 


Hope this helps 

Re: Performance of the website is quite slow

Hi Gary,


Which caching technology are you using?  We have many Magento 1 clients that use Amasty FPC to make their front end much faster:

Also, you might want to take a peek at Cloudflare CDN and WAF:

Here is a link for a free Cloudflare dashboard that you can use through your Magento admin panel:

If you decide to try these out, I'm sure you will like to performance boost.  Feel free to ping me if you have any questions.


Re: Performance of the website is quite slow

Judging from your website being hosted with GoDaddy and you said you are using a 4GB Dedicated Server, am I right to assume that you are using the Economy Dedicated Server by GoDaddy? GoDaddy is usually not the best host when it comes to hosting Magento stores and for the price of $169.99/month you can get much better options from providers who specialize in Magento. 


Is your server managed or unmanaged? If it's managed, you may want to have your hosting providers go through your web server and MySQL configurations to ensure that they are properly optimized for Magento. If your hosting provider isn't familiar with Magento, it may be time to consider alternatives? 


Could we a series of Anthony explaining basic concepts. His voice is really chill and would be excellent for this.

Re: Performance of the website is quite slow

Slowness of website is very common problem and client wants fast response, in that case developer need to work hard to make website faster.

We can generally check the speed of website on any tool like gtmetrix speed test etc.

You can check the queries, configuration settings etc.

You can properly check the complete reference for Magento optimization.

Re: Performance of the website is quite slow

As the owner of a business website with an online store, I've been struggling with slow page speed and load time. 


However, I was fortunate enough to discover the Website Speedy tool, which enabled me to enhance my website's speed score significantly. My mobile speed score improved from 34 to 80, while my desktop score increased from 55 to 94.


You can get the tool here-

Re: Performance of the website is quite slow

There can be multiple factors on which you can work on. Having an ecommerce website with a slow loading speed is a big problem. Here are a few things to consider:

- Image optimization, try compressing the size of your images.

- Use of CDN

- Minify your scripts

- Update to the latest versions of your TechStack and CMS

A dedicated server is good but a Managed Cloud Hosting can ensure a reliable and optimized performance.