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Add costum font

Add costum font


I would like to know how I can add a costum font to my theme.

I have added my otf-file a webfont generator and I now have 2 woff-files and 1 css-file.

What to do with these?


Thanks in advance.


Re: Add costum font

Hello @design_concern ,

Please have a look on below link I think it would help you:

If still you face any issue, please let me know.

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Re: Add costum font

Hello @design_concern 


I think, you are using magento 1.x version, please refer the following link.

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Re: Add costum font

Hello Binod


Thanks for the answer. That's correct, I'm using Magento 1.9


Looks like the genrator at is no longer active. Is the're a simular solution. Seems straightforward.

Re: Add costum font

Adding a custom font to your theme can be a great way to personalize your website's design. To do this, you'll need to follow these steps

  1. Upload Your Font Files

    • Upload the two .woff files which are web font files to your website's server. You can typically do this via your hosting provider's file manager or an FTP client.
  2. Link the CSS File

    • In your theme's HTML or CSS files, you'll need to link the CSS file that came with your font files using the link tag. This CSS file will contain the font-face declarations and define how your  font  costume should be used.
    htmlCopy code
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="path-to-your-font.css">

Re: Add costum font

Adding a custom font to your theme involves a few steps: Upload the Font Files: You've generated the necessary font files (woff-files). Upload these font files to your web server or hosting service. Include the CSS: Link the CSS file in your theme's HTML or directly in your website's code. Use the tag in thesection of your HTML file to reference the CSS file you generated. It should look something like this: html Copy code Apply the Font: In your CSS or within your theme settings, specify the custom font for the elements you want to style. For example, to set the font for all paragraphs: css Copy code p { font-family: 'YourCustomFont', sans-serif; } Make sure to replace 'YourCustomFont' with the actual font name specified in your costume-font.css file.