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HELP: Need your awesome help please.....

HELP: Need your awesome help please.....

Hi all,


I have a friend, which is running and old Magento 1 installation. I have tried to help him get rid of this error in checkout, but not able to find a solution for this.


Please see the video, which shows the error:


When customer goes to checkout, and fills out all the fields, and then gets to phonenumber, the shop starts to validate a checkout method, and the customer is not able to fill out phonenumber correctly, without closing the error popup, resume, and fill out, and close, resume.



Ultimo theme: 1.6.1

Checkout IWD OPC: 3.0.7


Hope anyone can help me, and point me in the right direction Smiley Wink


-- Best regards --
Kent Christiansen | Magento Certified Solution Specialist