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Export all fields of sales orders to CSV

Export all fields of sales orders to CSV


I would like to export all sales orders to excel file (csv). I want all fields data from each order. How can we do this in magento core. Presently if we export sales orders we will get only visible fields.

Order #
Purchased From (Store)
Purchased On
Bill to Name
Ship to Name
G.T. (Base)
G.T. (Purchased)


To get all information from each order where we have to change the code in magento core. From which core files it is exporting the orders to excel file. some of the paid extensions are out there but I want to add in core files Instead of buying that. I dint get any free extension which will export all values of an order. Can any one please tell me where we can edit and add option to export all fields to excel file in magento. or is there any free extension which you know. 




Re: Export all fields of sales orders to CSV

Frankly do changes into core files is not good idea instead rewrite those files into your custom module Or place into local with same path. yes there are free extensions available for order export, use it and if you have specific needs then you can customize it, take help of Magento developer for the same.


And I guess you export orders from Sales order grid then you recive only those columns.. below is one of extension:


Hope it helps you Smiley Happy

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Re: Export all fields of sales orders to CSV

Thanks Grav, 


What is the best solution for this problem. we need to export sales orders store wise. we have subdirectory structure websites for each country. What is the best way to implement this. Do you know which files we have to add to local and edit the same to export all order values. Can you tell me the path so that we can check. I means from which files magento sales order csv file is created and exported. If we add other order fields also to that in local with same path then we can get all values in excel file. 


Re: Export all fields of sales orders to CSV

With this plug in is there a way to select which columns you wish to have exported into excel? 

Re: Export all fields of sales orders to CSV

If you need  order export tool that allows to select what exactly info on orders you need to export. It is called Store Manager for Magento.


It is not free like previously mentioned tool, but there is 2-week fully-functional version available for evaluation in my signature, so you can use it without fees in case this is one-time task.

Store Manager for Magento 1.x and 2.x - inventory management tool to automatically update products, customers, orders, and other data across multiple sales channels and suppliers.

Re: Export all fields of sales orders to CSV



We don't recommend you to change any core files as the implications would be very harmful even if you achieve your goal of pulling all the necessary data.


We have an extension that matches your requirements. It allows preselecting order fields that needed to be exported. You could export orders into another Magento installation, ERP system or accounting software in CSV or XML formats. It works with multiple currencies as well. 


It doesn't have a free version though, but additional perks are free updates for 6 months, free email support and free bug fixes. If you have more questions, feel free to reach out our support department.

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