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How to add two contact form in magento 1.9

How to add two contact form in magento 1.9

Hello community, Can I have some of your help regards to my problem.

First, I have already one contact form that already sending an email to the customers about their concern or request. But I want another contact form which can send another email about return ing products.

Can you guys give me some idea or way or syntax to do that?


Thank you so much guys


Re: How to add two contact form in magento 1.9

Do you want this contact form in Order History for Return Orders?


you just want to create some common form and send email functionality when someone submits this form which you will modify as per your requirement?


If you want to create the custom form which will send an email when user submit the form you can follow this link


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Re: How to add two contact form in magento 1.9

Hello @Zekinah Lecaros,


First you login Magento admin -> CMS -> Pages


Select your page and input your HTML code as you normally would on any other information you include the page, then select Content tab and add it.

The below lines to add your cms -> page:

{{block type="core/template" name="contactForm" form_action="{{store direct_url='contacts'}}/index/post" template="contacts/form.phtml"}}

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Re: How to add two contact form in magento 1.9

Hello @gelanivishal thanks for your help but I have a concern


I used this code in creating my first contact form which is already done. But when I try to have a new contact form as return request form with this in a new file named 


so the code will be like this

{{block type="core/template" name="contactForm" form_action="{{store direct_url='contacts'}}/index/post" template="contacts/form-request.phtml"}}

 but I don't know how can I change the layout for that, which determine it is a return request form not a contact form together the email that will be send.


should I create a new xml file in app/design/******/******/default/layout/ ??