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Importing Products & Indexer Failures...

Importing Products & Indexer Failures...

Hi all,

I´m new to this forum... We are running magento 1.6.2 and we are importing configurable / simple products via an own written script on the shell.


This is the main snippet from the script:

                        ->setData($attr, $configurableAttributeOptionId)
                        ->setStockData(array("is_in_stock" => $prod["is_in_stock"], "qty" => 0))


 This worked great, but now, if suddenly stopped working. We have noticed, that our indexer is also not running properly.


We suddenly get this error message in the log file:

Unknown column '' in 'field list'


After tracking down the errors, I found out, that it is this SQL, which causes the error:

SELECT `main_table`.`data`, `main_table`.`lifetime`, `main_table`.`expire`, `main_table`.`priority`, `additional_table`.*, `entity_attribute`.*, IFNULL(al.value, main_table.frontend_label) AS `store_label` FROM `eav_attribute` AS `main_table`
 INNER JOIN `catalog_eav_attribute` AS `additional_table` ON additional_table.attribute_id = main_table.attribute_id
 INNER JOIN `eav_entity_attribute` AS `entity_attribute` ON entity_attribute.attribute_id = main_table.attribute_id
 LEFT JOIN `eav_attribute_label` AS `al` ON al.attribute_id = main_table.attribute_id AND al.store_id = 0 WHERE (main_table.entity_type_id = 10) AND (entity_attribute.attribute_set_id = '9') ORDER BY sort_order ASC


There is no data, lifetime, expire or priority in the eav_attribute table.


The same error occours if the indexer is running from shell... Indexer running from magento backend does NOT show any errors...


I hope someone could help me out, this is a mess...






Re: Importing Products & Indexer Failures...

Hi @NilsHansen 


Off the top of my head, it seems like some of the cache and indexers have been mixed up some how, since I can't really remember anywhere else where those three keywords (data, lifetime and expire), would apear otherwise.


I haven't ever enconterede the error before myself.