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Minimum order amount per store view

Minimum order amount per store view



I am trying to get a minimum order amount per store view. Unfortunately this is only possible per website.

I was trying to create a module to active the field per store view but I don't know how to do this.

Can someone tell me how to do this?



Re: Minimum order amount per store view

Magento configuration files are merged upon initialisation to if you create an extension that declares a dependency in your app/etc/modules/ file on the Mage_Sale module that provides the minimum order amount, you will then be able to duplicate the portions of system.xml that define the minimum order amount and change the store view lines to enable it to be set on the store view level. In all likelihood that's all you'll need to do to achieve this functionality.


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Re: Minimum order amount per store view

Goodday Tom,

I have now created a "module" according your explanation.

But it doesn't work yet.

You can find the module on github:

What am I doing wrong?