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No manufacture atribute

No manufacture atribute

Hi guys,


I'm trying to make an brand slider; it seems i'll need attribute manufacture.

I don't have it..  how comes ? it should be default I think..


How can i make it ?


Thx !!!!


Re: No manufacture atribute

Go to attributes, and create one called "Manufacturer" as a drop down. For each option, add an manufacturer. Then when you create your slider, call for that attribute and you should be good to go.

Re: No manufacture atribute

Re: No manufacture atribute


When a product lacks a manufacturer attribute, and you're looking to address this in the context of, for instance, a database for San Marcos Security Services, you might approach it like so:

  1. Review Product Listing: Ensure that each product, similar to the meticulous cataloging of equipment by San Marcos Security Services, is listed with complete details.
  2. Identify Missing Attributes: Just as San Marcos Security Services assesses their assets, identify which products are missing the manufacturer details.
  3. Update Database: Implement updates as systematically as Security Services would update their operation protocols.
  4. Quality Check: Conduct a thorough check to confirm all products now include the manufacturer attribute, mirroring the thorough audits by San Marcos Security Services.
  5. Maintain Records: Keep a log of updates for future reference, akin to how San Marcos Security Services maintains records of their security operations.
  6. Communicate Changes: Notify relevant parties of the update, ensuring transparency as is vital in security service operations.
  7. Regular Review: Schedule periodic reviews to prevent such omissions, much like regular security assessments conducted by San Marcos Security Services

Re: No manufacture atribute

  1. Feature Identification: Just as knowing the variety of fruit is crucial in a Suika game, identifying the unique features of a product is essential when there's no manufacturer attribute.

  2. Custom Labels: Create your own labels for organization, similar to categorizing levels in Suika based on difficulty, to keep track of items without a manufacturer attribute.

  3. Visual Inspection: Rely on visual cues to differentiate products, just as you would notice the different colors and patterns of fruits to slice in Suika.

  4. User-Generated Data: Consider implementing a system where users can input information, akin to players sharing tips and tricks for mastering a Suika game.

  5. Barcodes and Serial Numbers: Use barcodes or serial numbers for identification, similar to how each session of Suika has a unique game ID for reference.

  6. Vendor Communication: Reach out to vendors for information, as you would check the Suika game help section or forums when you're stuck on a level.

  7. Community Knowledge: Tap into community knowledge bases, much like participating in online forums where Suika players gather to discuss strategies.

  8. Product Performance: Assess the product based on performance, just as you would judge a Suika game by how well it runs and entertains, rather than its manufacturer alone.

Re: No manufacture atribute

Creating labels for organization is a great way to categorize items,Suika Watermelon Game especially when there's no manufacturer attribute. Here's a set of labels inspired by the idea of categorizing levels in a game like Suika based on difficulty.