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Special Price - delete for all products

Special Price - delete for all products



Is it possible to end all special prices with one click and not to delete the special-price in every single product ? 


Re: Special Price - delete for alle products

Hi @andreas _von lochow


Yes - it is possible to delete all the special price for all the products !


below i am sharing the link for the same - follow the steps which mention on the links and you will able to remove all the special price from all the products



Hope it helps !

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Re: Special Price - delete for alle products

Hello @andreas _von lochow,


There's an easy way around to remove all the special prices from all products. You don't actually need to run any script. Just go to the administration -> catalog -> manage products and click on select all at the top left of the grid view. Then, in actions dropdown on the top-right, select Update Attributes and press Submit.

See the screenshot below:


Now, in the Update Attribute Screen, scroll down to Special Price field, and check the Change checkbox. DO NOT put anything in the text box. Click on save.

See the screenshot below.


Reindex Flat data and It might take a while if you have many products, but it will work without disturbing your database. Once done, go to Index Management and Re-index everything.


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