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Terms and conditions - Log

Terms and conditions - Log



We had an issue with a certain customer that needs to be resolved, but In order to do that, we need to get the Log information for when they agreed our terms and conditions and where it is stated their acceptance, including their IP address, and time when the conditions were agreed.

How can we get access to these logs?


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Re: Terms and conditions - Log

Relevant help documentation page:


There isn't a separate log of when customers accepted terms and conditions. Terms and conditions are accepted on the checkout place as a customer places order. So if they successfully placed an order they must have accepted the terms and conditions as they were at that point in time - otherwise they wouldn't have been able to place an order. So from my understanding, for that customer you should be able to look at when their order was placed (assuming you do have the terms and conditions checkbox on checkout turned on). 


Hope that helps.

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