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What are your thoughts on magento


What are your thoughts on magento

I have developed and managed 3 sites in magento 1. They all seemed like a good fit in the beginning but as time went on and extensions had to be added, the sites fell apart. Even just updating magento itself cause all sorts of things to break. When they updated the image uploading to html instead of like flash or whatever it used in 1.9.3 I wanted to tear my eyes out because it broke all image uploading on all my sites.

I currently have a new client who wants an e-commerce site and has asked if we could do magento. I prefer custom sites, but he is willing to pay pretty well for it. So i am wondering if anyone has had any actually good experiences or recommends it and why? Is magento 2 much better? I haven’t heard anything really about it. I haven’t used Shopify before but that seems even like a better experience, but once again it’s another out of the box solution that confines you.

I figure there is another thread like this on the reddit, I just could t find it. So feel free to just point me in that direction if you have a link.