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currency-swticher doesn't work properly

currency-swticher doesn't work properly

Having a bit of an issue with the currency-switcher, however it only relates to the one found in the footer (when browsing on mobiles for example).


I have magento 1.9.1 and am using a mostly unedited RWD theme.


The issue I'm having is that the currency-switcher automatically selects the default site currency, rather than the currency it is currently on. This issue does not happen with the one that appears in the header however.


Any thoughts?


Havign done a little more research, it by checking $this->getCurrentCurrencyCode() - when in the header, displaying this shows the correct currency code, however by the time this gets to the footer - is is pulling the incorrect currency code, which is why the dropdown menu is selecting the incorrect one.


Anyone have any ideas?


Re: currency-swticher doesn't work properly

Which currency switcher are you using, you can ask the developer to fix it, the following module offers a manual currecny switcher popup , learn more here,

Re: currency-swticher doesn't work properly

Just in response to my original query.


Turns out the issue is a bit of an oversight/bug from the RWD theme in 1.9.1


The footer is cached - however there is also a currency switcher located in the footer when viewing the theme on a small screen device. Due to this being cached - it doesn't update with the cookies set by choosing a currency.


This means that the currency drop down box is always going to show you the default currency, regardless of the currency your site has set in the cookies.


Re: currency-swticher doesn't work properly

Hi CaptainG,


Did you find any solutions to resolve it? I'm facing the same problem now, but don't know how to deal with it. 


Re: currency-swticher doesn't work properly

You could try the Magento 2 Auto Currency Switcher extension that automatically displays prices on Magento 2 store based on customers' locations. 


Using the GeoIP database it detects customer location and displays the price in their local currency correspondingly. 


In case you have the multi-language website you can use the Magento 2 GeoIP Switcher extension in order to automatically display not only prices in local currency but content in customers' local language as well. 

Re: currency-swticher doesn't work properly

You could also try Magento 2 GeoIP Redirect with the updated 2.4 version. The main feature of this extension is:

  • Automatic geolocation/GeoIP based redirection
  • Easily switch store view and currency
  • Display and customize redirect popup message and style
  • Set up redirection rules based on individual countries
  • Add countries or IP for exceptions
  • Restrict site access to visitors from certain country or IPs
  • Allow manual-store and currency switching
  • Analyze redirection data

Magento 2 GeoIP Redirect is a powerful, feature-rich extension that lets you expand your reach to customers by redirecting them to language-specific domains through geolocation to connect with your brand better. You can set the redirection priority by defining certain conditions and redirect your customers to a particular store view out of multiple store views.