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1.9.2 patched but did not get updated to

1.9.2 patched but did not get updated to



I recently installed version 1.9.2 and after that, a new version is available. So I patched using ssh but the version still says that i have 1.9.2. i checked app/etc and it is indicated that i have successfully have installed the patch but it did looking at the admin footer it still says 1.9.2.. i want it to show like the latest community edition available.


thank you in advance


Re: 1.9.2 patched but did not get updated to

Patches are not version upgrades, do not expect the version number to increment.

The patch only affects two files, a diff between and show a couple dozen files that change.

You will only get a version number change if you apply the full upgrade package.

Re: 1.9.2 patched but did not get updated to

Hello @fdev5


You will need to upgrade your Magento version to latest then only it will show

@chiefair is right, there is no relation between Magento version upgrade and patches. Patches are just to secure your Magento with the related vulenarabilities for your current Magento version you are using. 

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Re: 1.9.2 patched but did not get updated to



I do think it's worth doing the upgrades though, it looks like the pattern from Magento will be to release a small point release of Magento along with future patches - going through the upgrade and not the patch means that you can see at a glance if you are vulnerable or not (by comparing the version number) which is really useful if you have more than one Magento install. (We've got dozens, it's a god-send)





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Re: 1.9.2 patched but did not get updated to

@iweb_insom As the codebase gets more stable and there aren't a bazillion database changes (as in the sequence to to to were major database upgrade horrors and heaven forbid you made a major number change like to, hours of waiting for mysql to finish only to find a database full of fail) it becomes easier to do this.


I thought nothing happened and there was a major database update failure the first time I did a to upgrade, the database update just did not take long enough <grin!!!>


It would be nice to escape patch reapplication hell just by upgrading by a minor version number, it's been one of the reasons that minor Magento upgrades can be so miserable in the pre-1.8.x.x world as all the barn doors slide wide open every time you upgrade and your website is IMMEDIATELY open to attack.


Despite some of my posts expressing a certain amount of exasperation, Magento is definitely getting better at filling the holes with substance and not spackle, and I am very glad of that.