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Patching Magento in a Windows Environment

Patching Magento in a Windows Environment

Any thoughts or suggestions on how one might patch in a Windows environment using WAMP? step by step, no acronyms,   thought I would ask since im not really that bright and my expectations are probably unrealistic. Not everyone uses Linux, unix, DOS, Fortran, Cobol.  I realize Windows is not the choice of anyone hear however some of us have no choice. My sincerest appologies if these expectations are too high or not achievable.  I certainly understand the extreme difficulties it is to make a basic executable for patches for the largest community used ecommerce solution on earth.


Re: Patching Magento in a Windows Environment

First you install Cygwin, then you add its additional modules like "patch", etc.


Once you have the basic *nix tools installed, it's just a case of "follow the instructions" provided by Magento to apply the patch.


And if you use Virtualbox, you do have a choice, you can run Linux and Windows on the same machine. Increasing your toolset, gaining multi-os knowledge makes you a better developer. Trying to escape from it with Magento leads to lots of pain.

Re: Patching Magento in a Windows Environment

As the post above describes - you should use CYGWIN to do this. However when you run the patch..



$ ./  you will more than likely get an error back along the lines of: ERROR: "/app/etc/" must exist for proper tool work.


You will need to manually edit the patch file in a text editor - find the line



and replace it with


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Re: Patching Magento in a Windows Environment

Hello @Ratfink11


You can try following this link


Or you can follow our blog and upload pre patched files on the Magento. Don't forget to take backup of the files you are replacing.




SECURITY DISCLAIMER: The above website contains Magento Security Patch files which are self-hosted by the user and as such unsafe. Magento Forum advise all users to only download patch files from the official Magento Downloads page. 

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