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SUPE-11155 failed on Magento


SUPE-11155 failed on Magento

I apply SUPE-11155 patch on Magento I get errors in checking the files, for example in app/cod/core/Mage/Cms/Helper/Data.php
const XML_NODE_ALLOWED_STREAM_WRAPPERS = 'global/cms/ allowed_stream_wrappers';
+ const XML_NODE_ALLOWED_MEDIA_EXT_SWF = 'adminhtml/cms/browser/extension/media_allowed/swf';

in my Data.php the row
const XML_NODE_ALLOWED_STREAM_WRAPPERS = 'global/cms/allowed_stream_wrappers';
does not exist.

I saw that this line was added by patch SUPE-11086:
+ const XML_NODE_ALLOWED_STREAM_WRAPPERS = 'global/allowed_stream_wrappers';

but this patch is only available for Magento (in fact if I try to install it, I get other errors on other lines missing in other files).
How can I solve it?


Re: SUPE-11155 failed on Magento



This is very old version of Magento and its not secure. Recommend you to upgrade to atleas Magento 1.9.x latest version. anyway Magento 1 going EOL by this June.

Manish Mittal