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SUPE-11155 failed on Magento

SUPE-11155 failed on Magento

I apply SUPE-11155 patch on Magento I get errors in checking the files, for example in app/cod/core/Mage/Cms/Helper/Data.php
const XML_NODE_ALLOWED_STREAM_WRAPPERS = 'global/cms/ allowed_stream_wrappers';
+ const XML_NODE_ALLOWED_MEDIA_EXT_SWF = 'adminhtml/cms/browser/extension/media_allowed/swf';

in my Data.php the row
const XML_NODE_ALLOWED_STREAM_WRAPPERS = 'global/cms/allowed_stream_wrappers';
does not exist.

I saw that this line was added by patch SUPE-11086:
+ const XML_NODE_ALLOWED_STREAM_WRAPPERS = 'global/allowed_stream_wrappers';

but this patch is only available for Magento (in fact if I try to install it, I get other errors on other lines missing in other files).
How can I solve it?


Re: SUPE-11155 failed on Magento



This is very old version of Magento and its not secure. Recommend you to upgrade to atleas Magento 1.9.x latest version. anyway Magento 1 going EOL by this June.

Manish Mittal

Re: SUPE-11155 failed on Magento

Hi There all budding magento SEOs and magento 2 owners. I was currently reviewing the sitemap set up for magento 2's native sitemap generator and have continually picked up that there are missing pages present on the Magento's sitemap from our crawler. Is this a common experience and does anyone have any suggestions to help out with this? MyAARPMedicare