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On April 28th, 2020, Adobe released the SUPEE-11314 security patch for Magento 1 users. 


Then, on May 12th, 2020, Adobe released v2. If you already installed the old patch, the guidance is to revert and install the new v2 patch. It appears that some security fixes were missing in the original version of the patch.


I did not see any mention of this in the forums, or any e-mail from Adobe on this topic (although I could have missed something) and wanted to make sure that folks were aware. So far, most members of the Magento community that I've brought this up to have been unaware.


Re: SUPEE-11314-v2

Hi @Robert Rand 
You are right. This information was conveyed in the Slack channel. 
It should have been informed in the some other channels also.

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