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SUPEE-8788 fails on SWF files


Re: SUPEE-8788 fails on SWF files

Thanks for the update Bierkelder, can you confirm which lines you removed using notepad++? I'm guessing they don't correspond to the lines that need to be removed if using the cli. I have access via SSH and cli but I'm uncomfortable deleting lines I can't see.





Amendment: Line numbering must be different for V patch, I've chopped the hex lines out and that particular error is no longer being reported. I still have a problem with the following though:


patching file app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/controllers/DashboardController.php
Hunk #1 FAILED at 91.

Re: SUPEE-8788 fails on SWF files

Hi Sparkplug,


I also first checked with notepad++, the lines are the same (5951 - 9818) for the patch file I used ( I chose to use cli interface and 'sed' to remove it just to be sure. Everything seemed to be working fine but I am now also facing a problem that I cannot upload/save product images when editing or creating a product. Can anyone confirm this? I did find a post in the  other supee-8788 related thread describing this behaviour:



Re: SUPEE-8788 fails on SWF files

Ok, I believe I've got the patch installed and only one minor, but obvious, problem remaining.


For the .swf errors I renamed the files and edited the big chunk of hex out of the patch. I am a little concerned that perhaps the hex is doing more than simply deleting the .swf files, there's a lot of it! The patch info suggests a new uploader module is created (?)


For the issue with the DashboardController.php I removed the content of lines 504 - 516 of the patch before install, leaving the empty lines in order to preserve the line numbering. After installing the patch I've manually edited DashboardController.php file to match what was supposed to be achieved by the patch.


I had renamed my downloader folder for security reasons, temporarily correcting the name allows the patch to run.


The obvious problem I've come across is that the graphs on the dashboard homepage are no longer shown, image is missing, perhaps these were reliant on flash??

Re: SUPEE-8788 fails on SWF files

The patch has many more changes that just removal of SWF files. There are three solutions:


- either remove the removal of SWF files from the patch manually (please be careful, there is binary code in the patch file)

- or get the SWF files from some older magento version and put them back, allowing the patch to delete them

- possibly (not tested), change line in patch file from _apply_revert_patch dry-run to #_apply_revert_patch. This will cause the patch to not fail but save problematic issues in .rej files. You need to find an review all .rej files, and delete all .swf.rej


Re: SUPEE-8788 fails on SWF files

I actually got the patch to install successfully by zipping/unzipping the .sh file.

This sounds unusual, but the process might encode/decode the hex contents on the file correctly.


So, firstly, I zipped .sh file with 7zip to .zip extension. Then I uploaded it to the server with CPanel, and unzipped it with CPanel Extract. Lastly, I went to the terminal with PuTTy and ran it. The patch was successfully applied.

I then logged in to the back end system and cleared all caches.


The new image uploader is there but... it doesn't work.

So, if anyone still need to upload some stuff, don't apply this patch yet.

The continuation of this problem is going to this page:


Can anyone report if this new image uploader work on you?


Re: SUPEE-8788 fails on SWF files

Re-posting as promised. My host offers Magento patch support, and they got the patch installed for me using *magic*. Sorry I don't have more details to share.

Re: SUPEE-8788 fails on SWF files

Awesome, c_scrimshire.

I wish my host could do the same thing for me.

However, are you able to check whether your new image uploader works or not?

Thank you.

Re: SUPEE-8788 fails on SWF files


I met the same problem, there is problem with swf.

I download the patch once more and ZIP it firstly, then upload.

Then in putty, unzip zip the zip file, then sh file.

It woks perfect. the patch is applied.

Re: SUPEE-8788 fails on SWF files

Thanks for the help here. I was also encountering hunk ignored errors. I zipped up the file with 7z to zip format, uploaded and unzipped via ssh before running. This time the patch was applied!

Re: SUPEE-8788 fails on SWF files

Had the same problem, this solution (zipping/unzipping) worked for me too. Thanks!