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SUPEE - 9767 for CE

SUPEE - 9767 for CE


Has anyone managed to install this patch successfully for CE I am getting "Patch can't be applied/reverted successfully" error message. 


It seems to be pointing to a couple of files like missing "Image.php" file in Core/Model/File/Validator.


And then Mage/Sales/Model/Quote/Item.php with Hunk #1 failed at 502. 


Any directions would be helpful. 



P.S. I have installed all the previous patches for CE, so this is the last one which hasn't succeeded.


Re: SUPEE - 9767 for CE

Hi Ash, did you get this problem resolved in the end?

If not, if you could share more details on the hunks that fail as well as the matching lines in those files on your installation, we might be able to provide guidance on how to resolve the failed patch. 

Failed patches typically happen because either they weren't applied in the right order (or a previous patch was missed), or the file has already been customised. 

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Re: SUPEE - 9767 for CE

Hi Tom,


Sorry - think I totally lost track of this thread. And no - I couldn't see why I am missing Images.php file altogether. 


It seems this file was patched in 7405 which I have ran previously but somehow this file hasn't come through for some reason. 


I had to manually pull this file from here and install it although I am not 100% sure if it is reliable. I have only done this in Dev for now and thankfully we haven't had a lot of new images and been escaping through the skin of my teeth.