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Hello everyone.


My magento version is

Magento scan always shows me  - FAIL - Patch - Magento SUPEE 9767

But shows that SUPEE-9767 is already installed.


What it can be?



Accepted Solutions

Re: SUPEE-9767

If you never change local file then you can delete local file as well.

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Re: SUPEE-9767

HI @tattoowizards 

I hope it help you well.

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Re: SUPEE-9767


Re: SUPEE-9767


If you are on then no worry. It means your magento is already up to date.

But make sure that you have not overrided any core file into local folder. If they are overrided then update them as well with core updated file with your override code.

Re: SUPEE-9767

Hello friend.

Thank you very much for your reply.


What do you mean overrided?


I was on and just upgraded by magento connect "Mage_All_Latest" to

Smoothly, without any error.

How can I check if something overrided?



Re: SUPEE-9767

You can check override file in “app/code/local/Mage” folder.

If there are no folder and file then everything is fine.

Re: SUPEE-9767

Thank you friend.


I just checked “app/code/local/Mage” folder.
Inside it is only one folder named "Catalog"...

There is what is inside:



Can you please guide me what to do?

Will very much appreciate it.

Re: SUPEE-9767

You can compare file with core and copy new changes from core to local file.


compare with


Then your local file will also up to date with your override changes.

You can use online compare tool as well to compare both files.

Re: SUPEE-9767

Thank you.


I'm not very experienced in magento...


So if I understand correct, I must compare these 2 files and add some code from core Configurable.php to local one?

And I must leave it in local Mage folder or it must be empty?

Sorry for noob questions

Re: SUPEE-9767

Yes, you are correct.

You need to copy changes from core file to local file if there are any mismatch found and keep local file. No need to remove.

Re: SUPEE-9767

OK I understand.


But I never made any changes or modify this file, so why not just replace local file with core one?