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Bundled item price isn't displaying?

Bundled item price isn't displaying?



I'm having an issue with a bundled product. The bundled item is a poncho that has colour options, an embellishment option and a monograph option.


The issue is with the colour option. This is made up of three single products, pink (SSppon18), green (SSgpon18) and orange (SSopon18) poncho. So this first option is to choose the colour you would like.


Each of these single products is £80.


When I press either pink (SSppon18) or green (SSgpon18) the price remains at £0, whilst when I press orange (SSopon18) the price changes to £80.00. That is correct.


So why when I press pink (SSppon18) or green (SSgpon18) doesn’t the price update and per the orange (SSopon18)?


I have obviously compared all three single products and cannot see any difference apart from the sku between them.


Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


Re: Bundled item price isn't displaying?

Sorry for bumping, but I'd really appreciate some guidance towards a solution.


Thank you

Re: Bundled item price isn't displaying?

Hi @grant_smith,


Is there a public url you can share to try the product?