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CC Missing in admin


CC Missing in admin

I have installed 1.9.4 and in system/configuration/payment methods there is no "Saved CC". Anyone has same problem?


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Re: CC Missing in admin

Yes that worked, thank you so much!

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Re: CC Missing in admin

You can check your system -> configuration from admin panel and go to Sales -> Payment Methods.


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Re: CC Missing in admin

This is the most useless answer - yoshi2000 just said it's not there. 


I have the same problem after upgrading. But it's enough to check 1.9.4 release notes to find:


  • We’ve removed the CC module. As a result, third-party modules that depend upon either the ccsave method or the xmlconnect method will not work as expected. Third-party themes that implement ccsave will not work as expected, either.

Now the question is how do we bring it back?

Re: CC Missing in admin

Yes i have checked Sale/payment methods and the "Saved CC" is no longer there.

Re: CC Missing in admin

Ok I got it working.


In app\code\core\Mage\Payment\etc replace config.xml and system.xml with versions from previous Magento (I was upgrading from so just reverted the change.


In app\code\core\Mage\Payment\sql\payment_setup delete the upgrade file.


It seems to be working fine, orders come through, data is saved.


Re: CC Missing in admin

Yes that worked, thank you so much!

Re: CC Missing in admin

Probably not a good idea to implement this given the "Magento Killer" hack. Magento must have removed the save CC function for this very reason:


Notice the following code from the update script:




    $connection->prepareSqlCondition('path', array(

        'like' => 'payment/ccsave/active'



Re: CC Missing in admin

There is no way you can be using this and be PCI compliant.  Turn it off now before you get hit with a massive fine.